Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Years Ago... Again

I decided to delete this post just in case somebody read it that I wasn't aware of. Additionally, it looks as though she may be miscarrying.

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  1. Oh my Michele... I totally can understand all of that although I haven't lived it personally, there have been similar sitations in my family. Wow, I will be praying for you regarding this issue with your niece. It sure is hard to understand isn't it? I think I found that there were situations that were just FAR too hard to put myself into with my family so we just didn't do it, we would not go to those functions. Hence the reason that I finally saw ALL of my family after almost 2 years just a couple of weeks ago. You do have to protect yourself in certain situations. I will be praying for your heart, praying for your fears... I TOTALLY get that as well! I will be lifting it all up before our Father... who loves you so much Michele!