Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. It's been hard to be motivated since I THOUGHT that only one or two of you were reading my posts anyway. But... then I find out that some of you read in silence, and that's not nice. It's like peeking into the windows of my home at night. If you read, you comment. I mean, I think that's fair. Deal?

My weight has been fluctuating somewhere between my start weight and my last posted weight. So, no real news there. Lately, I've been taking Gabe over to my mother's house while I go to the Y to exercise. It's just too hot to take my baby to a facility without any air conditioning while he plays with kids 3 times his age and gets sick all the time. School starts in a couple of weeks, and then the Y will be a better place. Additionally, I talked with the Director and it sounds like the Y will for sure be on Owasso's upcoming bond vote, which would provide a new facility for the Y daycare, including air conditioning!!! Since I try not to take advantage of my mother's flexibility, I try to do a quick 30-minute gig on the eliptical and then pick Gabe up. However, I've no problem taking advantage of my sister:-) and she's wanting to watch Gabe tomorrow while I go exercise. I plan to do my eliptical and then take a water kickboxing class!!!! Now, that's a step in the right direction.

I feel that I've done well not eating on an emotional basis lately, which I'm pretty proud of. Does that mean I'm eating better? No. One thing that helps to keep my stress down and then lessen my emotional eating... eating out!! Lately, we've been eating out a lot. Part of the reason, and I know this makes NO SENSE, is that we start our new, incredibly reduced salary tomorrow. Don't get me wrong. We are soooo grateful for the permanent employment, but the amount that our salary is decreasing is... shocking! We know that this is God's will. But I think we sort of felt like we needed to eat out frequently while we CAN, since the days of budgeting and limiting our spending are upon us. I'll be skinny by winter! :-)

My stress will be increasing soon as I prepare to get food and prize donations for my Bunco Bash fundraiser that will be on September 16th. Ugh!!!